International Library Of Piano Music

The Comprehensive Life Of Piano Music

The International Library of Piano Music was originally published as a set of sheet music covering periods of piano music, from the Baroque (shortly after the piano-forte was invented), though the Classical period, and Romantic excursions of the 19th century. 

With extensions into how to play music appealing in the home, it provides a snapshot of how piano lessons were taught through the first half of the 20th century, and includes techniques that are still taught now.When reprinted in the 1980s, the library also included a full set of vinyl LPs and audio cassettes that went through each lesson, showing how it was supposed to sound.  While not entirely novel of the time period (Berlioz had been doing it for language instruction since the 1950s), what made the International Library of Piano Music so remarkable and cherished was its extensiveness, and the quality of the performances.  When commissioned, most of the pieces were performed by teaching instructors in college music programs.

Originally, the set and the LPs to go with it sold for over a thousand dollars, and while it had its die hard adherents, the changing tastes in music, and the general lack of music instruction in homes doomed it.  The publisher went out of business, and sets became cherished heirlooms, with piano teachers holding on to theirs dearly.

Recently, with a fair bit of sleuthing, the rights to this package have been uncovered and purchased, and they're being rereleased from the original masters on CD, along with CD-ROM copies of the sheet music and lesson tutorials.
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