Indie Music Distribution

Finding The Right Music Distribution Service

Don't give up or get discouraged when searching for music distributors.  According to the Indie Music Distribution site, even if you can't find a distributor after months of searching. Distributors get a lot of packages on their desks every week, so it's imperative that you contact them first before you send a package. When calling a distributor, you may get them on the first try, or it may take you weeks before you get a live person to talk to.

You can go to college for music if you are interested in music jobs, but you should know that most people don’t find this type of job as a result of going to college. Though you can indeed do so by getting special training, many people with jobs in the music industry start out by helping friends and local bands, and they work their way up to good jobs with experience.

This is one industry where live experience and learning the ropes the hard way pays off in the end.Music jobs can be anything. You can get involved with promotions, management, bookings, or even perhaps record companies. You might also want to do something like be a roadie, instrument tech, or you can do live sound or lights. Many people who have good music jobs in any of these areas often started out with a band when they were new and playing in their hometown clubs. As the band moved up and spread out, they gave the music jobs to those who had been with them from the beginning. This is not only a reward for loyalty and for working with little to no pay, it is also practical. Someone who has been working with a band knows what they need and how they like things without having to learn.

Music jobs can sometimes be high paying, but you should know that not everyone who starts out as a roadie ends up as one. It depends on the band and how far they go. If you start with someone who ends up touring the world, you are going to make a lot of money, and you get to see the world with them. If you pick a band that doesn’t go very far, you might want to let them go and find someone else if you really want to find the good and high paying music jobs.

If you want to be a sound or light technician, you might want to learn what you are doing by helping someone who does it for a living. You may not get paid to help, but the free education you are getting is worth it, and you may find that this is the best way to learn anything, and you will learn all aspects of the music business this way. Remember that not all music jobs are glamorous, and not all of them will take you around the world. However, if you love what you do, and you find that it keeps you busy and you can make a living from doing it, you will probably be happy anyway.

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