Green Day Sheet Music

Green Day Originals

Many of today’s garage bands want to get Green Day sheet music in order to perform covers of the popular songs. Of course, many of us like to hear a band play original music but the occasion cover song is welcomed every so often. Other audience members are really just interested in hearing the Green Day songs rather than the originals.

As long as people come to see the shows, it really doesn’t matter. The band figures that people like things that are familiar. Using Green Day sheet music to learn the tunes that are heard on the radio is a great way to get the audience’s attention. The listeners will be more likely to listen to the originals a little better if the hear a familiar tune first.

If you are going to do cover music, why not choose a band that has achieved great success? Green Day has been making great tunes for over a decade and the band is gaining popularity. You will be able to tell this when you look for Green Day sheet music on the Web.

I was doing a little research for our band and I found The band I play bass for is not really a cover band but we just couldn’t find an audience. We figured that we would choose a popular group that still has a little edge for our cover songs. We settled on Green Day in a minute.

Anyone who has ever been in a music group knows that we never agree on anything. Choosing this band was a no-brainer and there is a lot of Green Day sheet music available through for free. This is another great thing about the generous music group.

I found a couple songs from the Dookie CD that was released a long time ago. I decided to choose one or two songs from the list of Green Day sheet music for us to learn. Next, I found some great tunes from the Warning album. I downloaded all of these. Some of the songs brought back great memories, too.

The most choices in Green Day sheet music on come from American Idiot. I had a hard time choosing which songs to download from this list because I like them all. I decided to download all of the songs available from American Idiot for the band.

All is not peaceful at the home front. Now we are arguing about which songs we are going to cover for our next gig. Maybe I downloaded too much Green Day sheet music.

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